Hugo Melis

Life long learner obsessed with optimum health

Me in 10 seconds

I am a life long learner, love all sorts of music (from classical to techno) and really like diving deep into getting the most out of myself in every way possible.

In 2012 I started app development agency Glamorous Goat because i wanted to do something in the creative space. This is my current occupation and I love working on that business.

Have been living all of my life in The Netherlands, but love traveling the world to learn about different cultures and expand as a person.

Want to know more about me?

See my "about" page.

What am I doing now?

See my "now" page


This is more than a blog, too. I publish notes on everything I learn from books, articles, speeches, video's and more. My notes on the books, articles I have read can be found on the "notes" page


I am trying to have a list of all the quotes that really resonated with me over time.

Contact me?

Feel free to contact me if you feel you have something to say. You can send me an email via: info [at] hugomelis [dot] nl

The idea's on this website are heavily inspired by Derek Sivers and his own personal website. Check it out for a better example of how a personal website should be.